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BSc (Hons)

Arch Tech



BSc (Hons) Architectural Technology

The final fourth year second semester of architectural technology engages the students in producing a Technical Design Thesis study and a written Technical Design Dissertation which provides the means for application and integration of the technical knowledge, understanding and skills developed in previous years of architectural technology to a building design related technical proposal that becomes the vehicle by which the learner can evaluate and bring to completion their thesis study. Although the emphasis is on adaptive design, reuse and retrofit; and compliance measures for existing buildings, students will be free to explore the technical design of new buildings also.

The process aims to bring students to a professional level of competence at graduation. It aims to establish their ability to create performance-based technical design solutions to building problems, responding to and developing the architectural technical design through the application and integration of building technology and materials, structural and environmental design criteria, and building regulations, codes and standards.

Through the various stages of the Thesis the students establish their comprehension of performance design, their ability to engage with and develop underlying theoretical and scientific principles, and their ability in measurement and calculation, especially in the areas of thermal and environmental performance.

A key aim is to establish the student's independence and ability to develop a major technical design thesis demonstrating a capacity for technical design and an ability to produce a rigorous and comprehensive study into a research question of their own choosing.

Rebecca Atkinson - An investigation through case study into the energy retrofit of a solid wall dwelling using hygrothermal analysis.

Niall Burke - How do poorly designed acoustical spaces affect people with Autism in a learning environment?

Shannen Celeste - How does environmental conditions affect mould growth in a residential house?

Vince De Jesus - Can pre-regulation office buildings be retrofitted to current NZEB standards to achieve a lower net carbon output?

Mihai Dodita - An investigation into the technological challenges in upgrading Ireland's unused industrial buildings for emergency residential accommodation

Samuel Donovan - An investigation of alternative high-performing wall types in the Irish residential sector for energy efficiency

Emmet Doyle - Exploring the feasibility of prefabricated straw bale panels in Ireland's construction industry

Seamus Farrell - An investigation into the potential of reducing the impact of pluvial flooding in Dublin using blue-green roofs with smart control devices

Emma Garry - Can greywater be reused in a home?

Szymon Grabowski - Cross Laminated Timber vs Concrete - A comparative Life Cycle Assessment of a residential case study building in Ireland.

Conor Heffernan - An investigation into the feasibility of a bespoke prefabricated panel's potential to upgrade the Irish housing stock.

Cal Henderson - Augmented Reality in Deconstruction: Assessing the potential for advancing Circular Methods.

Paul Kennedy - Can external living walls enhance urban living by reducing particulate matter and noise pollution?

Krystian Korta - An investigation into applying design for disassembly principles to an emergency accommodation case study building in Ireland.

Killian Markey - An investigation of the physical and thermal properties of Irish hemp fibres as a loose-fill insulation product.

Cara Molloy - Is fungi the future rival to structural traditional building materials?

Colm Morris - How do building automation systems impact the energy output of Irish homes?

Karl Morris - Photovoltaic glazing potential on retrofitting existing commercial facades.

Tim Nolan - An investigation into the ultimate retrofit solution for a typical 1990s detached dwelling in Ireland.

Conor O Carroll - Exploring the acoustic and environmental benefits of using recycled cork stoppers in acoustic panels.

Sean O Donnell - How do biomimetic shading solutions impact daylight and heat gain on glazed office building façades in an Irish climate?

Andrew O Neill - Can augmented reality & BIM technologies improve fire fighting, fire safety prevention and certification?

Adam O Reilly - An investigation of the potential to upgrade existing residential apartment blocks using prefabricated retrofit panels in Ireland.

Tadhg O Ruairc - An investigation into the effects of green walls on indoor air quality.

Oisin Power - An exploration of limestone calcined clay cement (LC3) as a low-carbon alternative to ordinary portland cement in an Irish context.

Liam Richardson - A localised investigation into the effects of coatings on a glass-based façade in terms of solar heat gain and daylighting.

Luke Sheridan - What are the obstacles that prevent churches in the Irish building stock from being renovated and why is preservation so crucial?

Jessica Whelan - An exploration of the feasibility of human hair as insulation in construction.

Brad Whyte O'Hara - An evaluation of the mechanical and structural performance of concrete using eggshell waste and glycerine.



TDS (Technical Design Studio) Semester 1

David Knight

Tim O’Leary

Darren Bergin

Davitt Lamon


Building Performance Semester 1

Tim O’Leary

David Knight


Professional Studies Semester 1

Darren Bergin

David Palmer


PreThesis Research Semester 1

Kirk McCormack


TDS Semester 2

David Knight

Tim O’Leary

Jim Roche

Darren Bergin

David Palmer
Chris Bakkala


Technical Design Dissertation Research Semester 2

Kirk McCormack


Technical Design Dissertation Supervisors Semester 2

Dr Malachy Mathews

Tim O’Leary
Jim Roche

Sameer Mehra
Olivia Golden

David Knight

David Palmer

Kirk McCormack

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