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Urgency: Radical Thinking, Transformative Action  

Tolka Valley  

To achieve lasting change, a culture change is needed in both the professional institutions and in higher education itself. Architecture is often still taught as it was decades ago, with little content or pedagogical renewal to engage with issues such as building performance, social and organizational value, occupant agency and potential adaptation in a changing climate.  The urgency and complexity of responding to the climate crisis requires a true collaborative effort between different professions, in practice and also in education.   


Accelerating Change in Architectural Education 

Sofie Pelsmakers, Fionn Stevenso

Welcome to 2023 exhibition of 5th year architecture and 4th year architecture technology programme. Within our newly formed School of Architecture, Building and Environment (SABE), our two final years in Architecture and Architectural Technology have worked together on a common theme and place to make proposals that address social, environmental and economic issues at macro and micro scale. We joined forces to collaborate and to share our knowledge, competencies and skills to transform the way we create.  The theme of the year aimed to highlight the urgency for new ways of thinking and working as discussed by Sofie Pelsmaker and Fionn Stevenson, and we wanted to avoid black and white dichotomies that can occur when striving to address issues of climate agenda. 


In the first half of the year, using Tolka Valley, North Dublin as their testing ground, our final year B Arch and BSc Arch Tech students and staff worked collaboratively in a ‘mini-office’ format. The work began by thematic desk studies that formed the foundation of the work that followed. Moving closer, they engaged with local stakeholders, agencies, experts and the City Council (even contributing to the public consultation for Ballyboggan area plan) to tease out the complex forces at play for the diverse communities living there. They made imaginative future projections for the area based on their initial research, before identifying locations for intervention through architectural proposal as part of a design team. These designs offer space for addressing key issues of public interest in Tolka Valley – access to housing, work, culture, education, health, food, and so on – and are motivated by a strong social and environmental aspiration.  The speculative and final designs from the collaboration are exhibited as part of this exhibition.  

In second half of the semester, students delve into their individual thesis projects. For most, the individual thesis work stemmed from observations, concerns and exploration that they carried out as part of a team. The research work undertaken is diverse and instigate new ways of thinking about our built environment. This exhibition on ground floor represents an edited version of a larger folio of research in architecture and architectural technology carried out by students. The full exhibition of the student’s thesis projects is exhibited in Studio 6 (Architectural Technology) on second floor and studio 2 (Architecture) on third floor of Linenhall. 


We would like to congratulate our students on their achievements this year and wish them every success in the future. We hope you enjoy the work. 


Sima Rouholamin and David Knight 

Sarah Adekoya 

The Invisible Territory Of Ethnic Minorities In Architecture

Ellen Brien

The Reciprocity Of Inter Species Living: An Exploration Of Multispecies Design Through A Steiner Primary School

Donal Brophy 

Industrial Reuse: How Can We Densify Existing Suburban Grain Whilst Enhancing The Community, Vitality, And Character Of The Place?

Nicole Burke 

An Urban Osmosis: Connecting Zones Of Differential Territorial Claims Through An Extended Orchard - Housing, Industry & A Productive Landscape

Eimear Butler 

Forgive Us Our Tresspass: A Reimagining Of Religious Land In Cabra - Community Farm, Market And Dining Hall

Conor Byrne 

Urban Industries In Compact Cities - Multi Purpose Building

Rebecca Carolan 

Urban Industries In Compact Cities - Multi Purpose Building

Kevin A Chircu 

From Deconstruction To Creation: Reimagining Materials For Sustainable Architecture Through Circular Modularity - Manufacturing Facility And Materials Provider

Moya Cowley 

Grounding Architecture: An Investigation Of The Disrupted Condition In The New Age Of The Anthrocepene. - Earth Block Manufacture

Jessica Doherty

Ageing In Community: An Investigation In Architecture As A Means To Accommodate Ageing In Place. - Community Centre, Housing Retrofit And Communal Gardens.

Paul Doherty 

The Post-Pandemic Style: The Impact Of Covid-19 On The Built Enviroment - Remote Working

Ciaran J Dolan 

The Role Of Country Estates In 21st Century Ireland - Residential Housing

Jamie Farrell 

An Investigation On How Modular Construction Can Be Used To Create Long-Lasting Communities In Ireland’s Housing Crisis - Mixed-Use Housing & Commercial

Karl Finn 

Destructuralisation Of Religious Planning - Reinforcing The Urban Core - Cooking School

Robert Holmes 

A History Of Women’s Housing And The Call For Radical Refuge. Post-Refuge Women’s Housing And Mixed Use.

Kate Hunter Hanley 

Operating In Otherness - Deliberating On A Workers Club For The Tolka Industrial Estate

Ben Kelly 

Within The Walls: Rewriting The Architectural Typology Of Control & Power In The Age Of Mass Surveillance And The Warming World- Repurposed Victorian Prison

Alexandra Leahy 

Reclaiming The Future: Where Do Existing Building Materials Not Designed For Disassembly Fit Into The Circular Economy -Aerial Dance School

Sean Mangan

Cabra : A Legacy Reimagined - Diversifying A Monotype Suburban Block


Philip, J Marron 

Towards An Enduring Architecture

Mairead Mc Carthy 

Activating The Existing - An Investigation Of Loose Space And Commoning, Engaging Marginalised Actors Of The Periphery In The Tolka Valley. Political, Protector & Play Spaces

Cian, J Mc Donnell 

The Garden In The Machine: From The Age Of The Machine To The Age Of Life - Community Centre And Greenhouse

Grainne Mc Guill 

Density, Productivity, Community: Examining The Full Potential Of Existing Housing Stock And Suburban Grain In Finglas South

Alia Mc Gurrin

Repurposing Of Industrial Estates: An Exploration Of The Positive Impact This Can Have On Biodiversity And Wellbeing 

Niamh F Mc Inerney 

The Densification Of Tolka Valley - An Architectural Response - Community Education Centre

Andrew R Meagher 

The Ripple Effect - Re-Igniting Peoples Connection To The Tolka River And Its Environs - Public Walkway

Cormac Meehan 

Social Architecture: And It’s Importance In Pedestrian Focused Urban Regeneration.

Anne-Marie Mitchell 

The Regeneration Of Post Industrial Landscapes - Clt And Sheepswool Insulation Factory & Research And Innovation Centre

Raja O Mohammed 

Building Bridges: Integrating The Influx Of Migrants Into Host Communities With A Focus On The Muslim Community

Edel D Monaghan

Revival Of The Royal Canal: Its Potential To Facilitate A Green Industrial Revolution, And Encourage Floating Visitors Through New Harbours, Industry & Recreation 

Audrey Murphy 

Collective Agency: Resilience Through Connections

Adriana Nistorescu 

Fragmentation In An Era Of Climate Emergency: Finding An Appropriate Approach To Density - Protection & Re-Use Of Existing Assets, Sprawl Repair, De-Zoning Land

Daneisha  Shanice Pile

A Relationship With Water Through Regenerative Architecture - Ecological Teaching Laboratory, Community Cafe And Pool Facility

James Proctor-Quinn 

The City As A Continuous Quarry – Methods Of Reuse As Means Of Embodied Carbon Retention

Andrew Proudfoot 

Consolidate: Living In The Industrial- The Merging Of Industry And Housing Into A Place To Live, Learn And Work.

Shona Quigley

Accounting For Adaptability: The Pursuit Of A Flexible Architecture Within Existing Structures- A Design Strategy For Adaptability Through Careful Retrofit And Extension - School 

Clara Quinn

The Old Mill And The Warehouse: An Architectural Investigation Into The Value Of Dormant Industrial Typologies In The Tolka Valley 

Muhammad Riaz 

Biophilic Design - Assessing The Existence Of Nature In Sustainable Architecture Though Adaptation Of Vegetation Facades

Gemma Ryan 

Urban Green Space As A Preventative Health Measure - Identifying Needs Within The Community And Meeting Those Needs Which Are Specifically Explored Through Equestrian Sport And Support.

Tetiana Serhiichuk 

Adaptive Reuse Of Industrial Building: Analysis Of Four Tupologies

Renaldas Skripka 

Preserving Industry, Enriching Communities: Typological Solutions For Dublin

Conor H Spencer 

An Architectural Model For Palliative Dementia Care – New Age Dementia Residential Care Facility

Brian D Stedmond 

The Activation And Repair Of Landscape

Laura Vilone 

The Broombridge Honeybee Production Centre: An Experimental Urban Factory Within The Tolka Valley Area.

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